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MSSql Monitoring
MSSql Monitoring

MS SQL Server Monitoring And Maintenance Jobs

  AUDITING                   - Monitor what queries are running.
  BLOCKED_PROCESSES  - Monitor Blocked Processes.
  BCP                          - Bulk copy table data in and out.
  BACKUP_DATABASE     - Automate database backup with option to suffix timestamp.
  BACKUP_TRAN            - Automate database transaction log backup with option to suffix timestamp.
  CONFIG_CHANGES       - Audit server configuration changes.
  CACHE_HIT_RATIO      - Monitor Cache Hit Ratio
  CHECK_SERVER_UP      - Verify server availability.
  CHECK_ERROR_LOG     - Check Error Log for errors and warning messages.
  CONFIGURATION         - Generate DDLs for modified configuration parameters only.
  CREATE_DATABASE    - Generate DDLs for create database .
  CONNECTIONS_USED  - Monitor maximum number of connections used.
  DATABASE_GROWTH   - Monitor database growth in terms of size and percentage (%).
  DATABASE_OWNERS   - Generate DDLs for database owners. 
  DBOPTION_CHANGES  - Monitor database option changes.
  DBOPTIONS              - Generate DDLs for database options .
  DISKINIT                  - Generate DDLs for database device creation.
  DUMP_N_LOAD          - Backup and Restore database and log with option to suffix timestamp.
  DBCC                       - Automate Database Consistency Checker (DBCC) checks.
  DBSPACE_FULL          - Monitor current database space usage.
  DATABASESIZE_CHANGES - Audit database size changes.
  INDEX_CHANGES             - Monitor changes made to the index (es).
  INDEX_REBUILD              - Automate Index Rebuild.
  LOGSPACE_FULL             - Monitor current transaction log space usage.
  LONG_RUNNING_TRANS    - Monitor long running transactions .
  PASSWORD_CHANGES      -Track changed passwords.
  RESTORE_DATABASE       - Automate database restore .
  RESTORE_TRAN              - Automate database transaction log restore.
  SQL_SCRIPT                  - Execute SQL script .
  SERVER_UPTIME             - Monitor how long the server is up.
  SHUTDOWN_SERVER       - Automate server shutdown.
  TOP10_TABLE_GROWTH  - Monitor top 10 table Growth in terms of size and rows.
  TABLE_CHANGES           - Monitor changes made to the table structure.
  UPDATE_STATISTICS    - Automate Update Statistics.