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MSSql Features

Standard Features (SQL Server)

 Cross-Platform Database support
 Secured as password are stored in Encripted format
 Controlled as only installer can start program
 SQL Editor to execute SQL Queries
 Browse Database objects like
  * Check Constraints
  * Defaults
  * Foreign Key Constraints
  * Foreign Keys
  * Functions
  * Indexes
  * Primary Key Constraints
  * Primary Keys 
  * Stored Procedures
  * Roles
  * Rules
  * Segments
  * Database Statistics
   ** Database Owner
   ** Create Date
   ** Total Size
   ** Data Size
   ** Log Size
   ** Free Size
   ** Database Options set
   ** Total number of Objects like
    *** Groups
    *** Indexes
    *** Segments
    *** Stored Procedures
    *** Tables
    *** Triggers
    *** Users
    *** Views
   ** Data Devices along with size
   ** Log Devices along with size
  * System Tables
  * User Tables
  * Triggers
  * Unique Key Constraints
  * Users
  * User Datatypes
  * User Messages
  * Views
  * Top Ten Tables showing rowcount and size
 option to browse by individual owner 
 Browse Data Devices
 Browse Dump/Tape Devices
 Browse Logins
 Server Configuration Details
 Find Column in Tables
 Process Monitor to Monitor Server Activities
 Automatically Save and Recall Executed Queries
 Conditional Replace based on IF THEN ELSE
 Compare Unix Diff Files and text files
 Helpdb - Database Space Usage with auto refresh

ConfigDiff - Compare Server Configuration Parameters useful for DR Servers.

DBAdmin - Easily Create/Drop/Alter/Replicate 
 * Devices
 * Databases
 * Logins
 * Roles
 * Users
 * Grant / Revoke
  ** Object Permissions
  ** Command Permissions
Schema Extraction
 Create      - Generates syntax which was used while creation
 Drop          - Generates syntax to drop one/all objects
 Grant       - Generates syntax to grant permissions
 Revoke     - Generates syntax to revoke permissions
 Compare  - Compares Object counts between two Servers/Databases
 Compare DDL     - Compares DDLs between two Servers/Databases

 SaveIndividual - Saves DDLs to individual files which are helpful to manage Source Code Control System.
 Object Types
  * Devices
  * Databases
  * Defaults
  * Functions
  * Indexs
  * Logins
  * Roles
  * Rules
  * Stored Procedures
  * Tables
  * Triggers
  * Users
  * Views
Automate Backup/Restore
 * Database Backup / Restore
 * Transaction Backup/Restore
 * Suffix Database Files with predefined Format like  DD,DDMM,DDMMYYHH,HHMin etc.
 * Saves Backup/Restore History
Smart Universe - Build Query Universe
 * Add Executed query to the universe
 * Assign Column level parameters as filter
 * Get Query from Universe directly into SQL Editor.

SQL Builder - Generate Select Query
 * Join up to 4 tables
 * Automatically generate where conditions based on the matching field names.

Migration - Cross-platform data transfer
 * Transfer table data from SQL Server To Sybase,Oracle,SQL Server AND VICE VERSA.



MSSql Features
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